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Downwind Deck Hotel Owners and Corgi

Did you ever have an idea that seemed crazy?

I mean, people told you it was crazy.

It’s a foreign country.

It’s a different language.

And it was paradise.


Welcome to Downwind Deck. Enjoy today.


This tranquil town has much to be explored. 

Relax. Dine. Kite or Flamingo. 

Discover the hidden gem of El Cuyo.


Downwind Deck is a unique property designed to enjoy all that the area has to offer.


Just a 2 minute walk to the beach, at Downwind Deck you can wake up each day to enjoy:


  • Tropical gardens with fresh fruit and cozy hammocks

  • Speciality beds with air conditioning for a complete nights sleep

  • Backup power and 2 forms of wifi 

  • Roof top breezes with flamingo spotting 

  • Kiteboarding storage/cleaning

  • Paddleboards

  • Selfie backdrops

  • Games, special events and excursions


Hop a plane. Take a drive. And check in to your next adventure at Downwind Deck.

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